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Somaliland Moving Forward

New ways of doing things in a tough neighbourhood

‘You see,’ says President Muse Bihi Abdi, pointing to an area to the east on the giant map of Somaliland covering the one wall of the presidential briefing room in Hargeisa, ‘in this area, clan members think “I have a gun, I am the government”’ explaining why the area is spotted with Al-Shabaab fighters and his government continues to battle to establish governance. Continue reading “Somaliland Moving Forward”

Questions on Somaliland Foreign Policy with Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire- the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

It was not so long ago that we, Somaliland Intellectuals Institute (SII), had an exclusive interview with Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire who was then the Minister of Foreign Office and International Cooperation. It was more befitting to have this published whilst he was in the capacity of the Foreign Minister. Alas, this is fate and perhaps inevitable as the political landscape in Somaliland is at an ever-increasing level of fluidity. Continue reading “Questions on Somaliland Foreign Policy with Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire- the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation”

Somaliland Has Better Options for Washington DC

Somaliland has better options for Washington: News agencies in Somaliland report that Moscow has “been in talks at some depth” with this unrecognized country that broke away from Somalia in 1991, but has failed to win recognition.Stable, democratic and at peace for most of its 27 years, the former
territory of British Somaliland has tried in vain to gain support from the United States.
Continue reading “Somaliland Has Better Options for Washington DC”

Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships

(SII-News) Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships. Recent years have seen increasing security and trade relations between Gulf States and the Horn of Africa, presenting opportunities to boost economic growth and improve regional integration. However, the crisis between the Gulf States has polarized the wider region, complicating dialogue. Continue reading “Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships”

DP World: Golden Opportunity for Somaliland

The recent DP World investment in Ber-bera Port is the largest single direct foreign investment in Somaliland so far. In this join investment, shares will be divided as follows: DP World 51%, Somaliland 30% and Ethiopia 19%. This investment will have many positive outcomes for Somaliland in terms of new revenue, overall economy, stability, recognition, and future foreign investments. In the following paragraphs, I will highlight the most essential benefits that Somaliland will reap from this investment. Continue reading “DP World: Golden Opportunity for Somaliland”