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Implications Beyond the Recognition of Somaliland Passport

The recent development involving United Arab Emirates to accept Somaliland Passport or its recognition of Somaliland Passport as a legal travel document for ordinary Somaliland citizens, while dropping the Somali passport, is a tacit approval of nation’s main ambition of winning recognition from the world sovereign states. In addition, it is a tremendous relief that would give Somaliland business people an easy access to enormous free trade zones in Dubai and elsewhere in the Emirates. Continue reading “Implications Beyond the Recognition of Somaliland Passport”

Somaliland: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port

Government becomes strategic shareholder, investing in Berbera trade corridor infrastructure

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 March 2018: Ethiopia will become a shareholder of the Port of Berbera following the signing of an agreement with DP World and the Somaliland Port Authority in Dubai today.

DP World will hold a 51% stake in the project, Somaliland 30% and Ethiopia the remaining 19%. The government of Ethiopia will also invest in infrastructure to develop the Berbera Corridor as a trade gateway for the inland country, which is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Continue reading “Somaliland: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port”