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Geopolitical Change, a Rising Hegemon, and Berbera Port Deal

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In the Horn of Africa, the Republic of Somaliland has functioned as an independent country for close to three decades. It has held multiple elections, seen four presidents take office, prints its own money and issues its own visas, and its capital city, Hargeisa, houses two parliamentary bodies that pass and enact laws. However, it remains an unrecognized country and is viewed by the rest of the world’s states as part of the Republic of Somalia with its capital in Mogadishu. Continue reading “Geopolitical Change, a Rising Hegemon, and Berbera Port Deal”

Somaliland: Colonial Boundaries Demarcation

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The Tukaraq skirmishes have finally erupted into an all-out war last week. The argument is centered on the status of Somaliland following the latter’s declaration of independence way back in 1991. The historic background of Somaliland independence is well documented and there is no point in narrating it in details.. Nonetheless, Continue reading “Somaliland: Colonial Boundaries Demarcation”