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Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships

(SII-News) Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships. Recent years have seen increasing security and trade relations between Gulf States and the Horn of Africa, presenting opportunities to boost economic growth and improve regional integration. However, the crisis between the Gulf States has polarized the wider region, complicating dialogue. Continue reading “Somaliland’s Regional Priorities and Strategic Partnerships”

Somaliland: Emirates Revive Life in Berbera

“Look there, it was not there two years ago,” he said, pointing to a cluster of modern-style buildings. Everything in there were non-existent before. The town was a cluster of small houses inhabited by poor people, few government buildings and shops. , The UAE is not implementing a project, but is making a full life here in Berbera. The mega projects have brought huge investments to the city, where a group of companies has popped up in all fields. The prices of land have risen automatically and there is a market for them. In the past they were very cheap and often do not find buyers. The situation is different now. Continue reading “Somaliland: Emirates Revive Life in Berbera”