Sponsor Once Abused, Abandoned or Orphaned Child

An orphan’s heart can be touched by people like you. Your contribution will enable once abused, abandoned or orphaned child have a meal, shelter, clothing, health care and education needed to break the cycle of poverty. You can also reach a child by extending love and enable the child to have hope for a better tomorrow.

100% of your Monthly $35 or Yearly $420 goes toward the care of your child. That includes food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare. 100%. How is that possible? As a government institution all of our administrative cost are covered.

You’re not just sending money, you’re raising an orphan! you can follow their daily triumphs and challenges. You can meet your sponsored child when you visit Somaliland or by requesting to communicate with them. You, as a sponsor, are now part of the family!

Our goal is to match all of our orphans, as it showers our orphans with love!

Sponsoring a child is an enriching life experience that you will treasure forever.

As a sponsor, you are helping to rescue a child, raise a leader and rebuild a nation. And, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your sponsored child.

Please Use This Form To Request Sponsorship