Somaliland: Referendum On Divorcing Somali Republic Is a Must

I don’t think either Canada, UK, or USA would soon recognize Somaliland as a separate sovereign state as recognition mostly is based upon common strategic interests. These western countries as well as any African country have no pressing interests for Somaliland to become a viable state.

It is contrary to common sense to wait for other countries to rescue Somaliland from its unfaithful union with South Somalia that took place in July of 1960. Somaliland put itself into the hands of pirates, and it is her holistic duty to divorce itself from that failed unity.

It is obvious that my country, Somaliland Republic, did not think well and did not put together the right efforts enabling her to become distinct and separate from Somalia (or actually Somali Republic).

Our successive foreign ministries as well as current and previous Somaliland administrations, from 1991 up until now, failed to prove to the world that we are a separate state from Somalia. No president has ever taken the time to execute an Official Divorce Document from Somalia to be forwarded to the United Nations and the African Union declaring our Resumption of Independence gained on June 26, 1960.

A referendum clearly and decisively indicating that the wishes and choices of Somaliland people of not willing to stay a union with Italian Somalia and at the same time affirming the reinstatement of their independence gained in June 1960 as a sovereign country under the supervisions of United Nations and African Union must be conducted and processed for the sake of advansing the most important ambition of the Somaliland people and for showing the world community how determined we are about the future of our self-determination.

Please NOTE that:

Our referendum in 2001 was for the Constitution of the country and was not for the actual separation from Somali Republic.

We entered into union in 1960 with Italian Somalia and created together a brand new state called the Somali Republic NOT Somalia. The seat in the U.N. declares this fact.

Our main aim and goal was to bring the remaining three regions to this union: Djibouti, Ogaden region, and NFD


Djibouti opted out in 1977 when it took its independence from France and formed a separate nation without any questions asked.

The remaining two regions – Ogaden and NFD – chose to stay and be part of Ethiopia and Kenya states and countries.

Somaliland united with Italian Somaliland in 1960. But today there are six different states, each with different and Al Shabaab state, which cannot be ignored easily.

These points can easily prove that our union with Italian Somalia is null and void. But we have not found yet the right leadership for Somaliland. We have leaders who always stay asleep and keep snoring on their presidential seats, and doing nothing for the ultimate goal of this nation – recognition.  Current president of Somaliland – HE Muse Bihi Abdi – surrounded himself with folks who are shielding him from discovering the truth, while Abdirahman Cirro and Faysal Ali Warabe are not competent enough to lead a constructive opposition to the administration.

So far Somaliland has not made or come up with a great plan on how to free itself from the now defunct state of Somali Republic.

Omer Ahmed Hassan, MBA
A Political Strategist
Hargeisa, Somaliland.

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