Somaliland President: Seeing Faysal besides Farmajo in Brussels was Shocking

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has clarified the fact that his administration had completely declined to attend the Brussels EU meeting for Somalia’s “special arrangements”.

He at the same time vehemently vowed that the people’s aspiration for independence could not be sold for peanuts.

The facts were part of the President’s speech to the Supreme Court staff when he visited the premises yesterday. He made it quite clear that the international community were privy to the fact that Somaliland could not attend the Brussels meeting since it lumped the former Somali Republic together, an entity which Somaliland is not part of.

Given that the country had re-ascertained its independence hence re-established the 26 June1960 un-chaining of the colonial yokes, Somaliland had gone a long way since its 199 severance of the un-fortunate union with the Mogadishu Italian Somali.

For quite a while now there was a two-track system where donors and international partners dealt separately with Somaliland and Somalia.
It is in this context that the government wants to uphold its status and shun the Brussels meeting which would have eroded the country’s aspiration and independence had SL joined and graced its round table.
The President sadly noted that he was shocking to see Faysal Ali Warabe who is UCID’s Chairman standing beside Somalia President Farmajo in a clip.

Saying that Feysal was not representing the country, the President made it clear that the UCID Chairman went without conferring with the Head of State hence he (the President) did not even know that the UCID politician had departed the country for the meeting.
“I did not know that Feysal went to Brussels” said the President.
“We never conferred on the matter and I was completely taken aback to see Feysal beside Farmajo”, he wondered.
The President noted out that the matter called for a serious prod meaning that Feysal has got some explanations to do upon coming back.

By M. A. Egge