Somaliland: Disturbing Image of Administrative and Finance Divisional Directors

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In the Somaliland government, there are 47 Administrative and Finance Divisional Directors entrusted to carry out the daily operations in their respective ministries and agencies, and 27 or 59% of such government Officials hail from one constituency while all other constituencies account for only 41% of the pool.
We could not verify if they are appointed by the current administration or have have been holding these positions even in the last administration, but If the current pool of divisional administrative and finance directors in Somaliland government resembles this makeup, it is a sad story that warrants an immediate action on the part of government for ratifying it

All of the following hail from Awal Constituency (59%)

Government Ministries:

  1. Mohamed Osman Dube (Ministry of Interior)
  2. Aniisa Hussein Ali (Ministry of Defense)
  3. Hassan Abdi (Ministry of Agriculture)
  4. Ismail Haybe (Ministry of Industry)
  5. Hamda Yussuf Adan (Ministry of Labor, Employment & Social Affairs)
  6. Yussuf Hagi Ahmed Mohamud (Ministry of Religion)
  7. Mowlid Gaboobe (Ministry of Chambers Relations)
  8. Mohamed Ismail (Ministry of Presidential Palace)
  9. Hussein Hassan Abdi – Deputy Director (Ministry of Finance)
  10. Farhiya Dubad (Ministry of Education)
  11. Jama Abdi Osman (Ministry of Roads)
  12. Abdillahi Ibrahim Mohamed (Ministry of Postal Service & Communication)

Parliament, High Court and Independent Agencies:

  1. Faizal Sh. Mohamed Ahmed (House of Elders)
  2. Farah Ibrahim Gamuute (House of Parliament)
  3. Sahra Ismail (High Court)
  4. Amaal Abdirahman (Civil Servant Agency)
  5. Fadumo Jama Ibrahim (Auditing Agency)
  6. Mohamed Adan Mohamed (National Prosecutor Office)
  7. Hibo Essa (Qaulity Control Agency)
  8. Hodan Ahmed shiil (Resettlement Agency)
  9. Ismaaciil Burco (National Tender Board)
  10. Saeed Jama (Road Agency)
  11. Maymuna Aydid Dualeh (General Accountant Office)
  12. Haliimo Abdirahman (Disaster Relief Agency)
  13. Amran Abdi Ismail (Somaliland Bank)
  14. Osman Timawayne (Somaliland Port Authority)
  15. Roda Abdillahi (Hargeisa Water Agency)

All of the following hail from other constituencies (41%)

Government Ministries:

  1. Asad Mohamed Mohamud (Ministry of Finance) Habarjeclo
  2. Abdirizak Hassan Jibril (Ministry of Energy & Minerals) Habarjeclo
  3. Osman Jama Abdillahi (Ministry of Planning) Awdal
  4. Hassan Hagi Mohamud Muhumed (Ministry of Information) Awdal
  5. Abdikarim Barako (Ministry of Sports, Youth, & Tourism) Awdal
  6. Mohamud Jama Dhahar (Ministry of Livestock) Harti
  7. Ahmed Mohamed Ali (Ministry of Water) Harti
  8. Hodan Mohamed Hassan (Ministry of Health) Harti
  9. Sharmarke Mohamed Salah (Ministry of Public Work, Housing, & Transportation) Harti
  10. Suhur Mohamed Abdillahi (Ministry of Environment & Rural Development) Garhajis
  11. Abdiqani Hassan Ahmed (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Garhajis
  12. Muna Ibrahim Omer (Ministry of Justice) Gabooye
  13. Vacant position yet to filled (Ministry of Commerce & Investment)

Parliament, High Court and Independent Agencies:

  1. Osman Mohamed Abdi (Civil Aviation Agency) Habarjeclo
  2. Saynab Essa Abdi (Attorney General) Harti
  3. Hamda Suleban Dahir (HIV/AID Commission) Harti
  4. Abdirahman Saeed (National Electoral Commission) Harti
  5. Abdikarim Abdillahi Omer (National Printing Agency) Awdal
  6. Abdirizak Waysaale (Good Governance Agency) Arab
  7. Hana Abdi Daud (Genocide Investigation Agency) Ayuub

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