Somaliland: Dan Qaran Initiative

Dan Qaran Initiative (Dhaqdhaqaaq Dan Qarana) is a grassroots movement and campaign propelled and pushed by the concerned citizens challenging and at the same time mobilizing all Somaliland Intellectuals around the globe as well as throughout all regions in Somaliland, beyond tribal lines and political affiliations, to address collectively and immediately few crucial issues and priorities out of the many facing today Somaliland.

Mission of Initiative:

Guarding and guiding the national interest of Somaliland Republic beyond the tribal lines and political affiliations.

Objectives of Initiative:

Initial batch of present crucial issues and priorities that deserve our utmost effort and attention:

1. Holding timely municipal and parliamentary elections together in a free and fair manner without any further delay
2. Discarding current nomination process for municipal Councilors and parliamentary Representatives based on the blessings and selection of traditional leaders
3. Adoption of new nomination process for municipal and parliamentary candidates based on competency, integrity, and excellent record of background check
4. Lobbying and pushing an amendment demanding direct election of Mayors and Deputy Mayors by the electorate in the upcoming municipal elections in order to boost their legitimacy, authority, and eliminate the fight over mayor-ships that results in settling with mediocre choice after lengthy mediation, compromises, and meddling of political parties
5. Acting as a watchdog voice scrutinizing nominated candidates for municipalities and the parliament, and after thorough review and assessment either endorse if found competent or oppose if turns out to be incompetent for elected position
6. Dan Qaran Initiative must never accept funding and finance or any other form of interference from foreign donors and solely rely on the support of Somalilanders.

If you are convinced in pushing these points as a concerned and vigilant citizen, then let your voice and feeling heard in joining Dan Qaran Initiative – a grassroots campaign advancing Somaliland for the better – and conveying this message to your constituency leadership and prospective candidates for upcoming elections in your constituency.

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Ahmed J Yassin