The Role of Telecommunications in State-building

By: Mustafe Adam Muse

The telecom industry has become a key global element in economic development of many countries in the world. Since the last decades, many unprecedented innovations in the field of communication have been taking place across the world of which the most striking and most celebrated has been the aspect of mobile technology. Fortunately, Somaliland is among the countries that have been attending and benefiting from the advancement in the telecommunications sector. This research explores the role of telecommunications in state building process. In particular, this case will revolve around the impact of Telesom, a privately owned and operated Company, on state-building in Somaliland.Moreover, the study intends to find out the contribution of Telesom to some factors vital to the state functionalities: urban-rural connection, good governance, democratization, socio-economy, and Telesom’s starring role in shaping Somaliland’s relationship and connection to the rest of the world. In the project, I used first-hand interviews method as the main source of qualitative primary data collection. With the limited availability of well- informed and knowledgeable interviewees, using unstructured and small and unstructured questionnaire, the research will solely be conducted using qualitative methodology

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