Protest of Villa Somalia with UK on Gavin Williamson’s Trip to Somaliland

The Somaliland government has confirmed the existence of a report by the Horn of Africa (Geeska Afrika) – an independent daily published news paper in Somali in Hargeisa– on a complaint lodged by the Somali Federal Government over the recent travel of the British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson to Hargeisa.

The British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson with Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi in Hargeisa.

In an exclusive interview with the Horn of Africa daily newspaper, Somaliland Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister – Yassin Haji Mohamud Faratoon – denied that the British government made a request for a military base in Somaliland. While Minister Faratoon addressing the reports that Britain intends to setup a military base in Somaliland he said:

“There is no military base that Britain wants to have in our country and I don’t know where that news came from.”

The British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson with Somaliland Military leadership at luncheon in Hargeisa.

When the minster was asked whether the Federal Government of Somalia lodged a formal protest against the recent visit of the British Defense Secretary to Somaliland he said: “Yes, there is a complaint but it is a case that cannot cause any strain on Somaliland, it is just talking. The Somali government made a habit to nose Somaliland affairs but can do nothing to Somaliland”

Once we asked if the UK appointed a special envoy to Somaliland, Minister Faratoon responded: “There is no envoy appointed for Somaliland that I know of. We have good relations with UK and they work well with us, nothing exclusive for us. The contact lady for Somaliland has been replaced with another person. Always, UK was engaging well with us, and I am hopeful that our relations and cooperation will continue and grow to higher engagement”

Ahmed J Yassin