Prevalence of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hargeisa: The Somaliland Capital

Prepared by: Kadra Abdilahi Mohamed

Ectopic pregnancy or occysis is the pregnancy that occurs outside the uterine cavity, i.e. at place that by naturally is not planned or designed anatomically or physiologically to accept the conceptus or to allow its growth and development. The word ectopic comes from a Greek word ektopos means “away from a place”

Most ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube and also known as tubal pregnancy. But implantation can be happen other sites like ovaries, cervix and abdomen. An ectopic pregnancy may become medical emergency and if not treated normally can cause to death.Most ectopic pregnancy occurs the first weeks of pregnancy. Usually doctors detect it by the 8th week of pregnancy. It can be unhappy and scary. The baby’s cannot life so it’s a loss that may take some times to get over.

In a normal pregnancy, the fertilization occurs in the uterus and settles into a uterine lining where the division and growth will happen. About 1% of all pregnancy women are in ectopic position with an implantation not occurring inside the womb and of these 98% happens in the fallopian tube.

The most complication of an ectopic pregnancy is intra-abdominal hemorrhage (severe bleeding). In the case of tubal pregnancy, the growth continues and the tube expands and eventually ruptures. This case can be very serious because a large arteries runs outside the fallopian tube.

In 1883 no women ever underwent a deliberate or successful operation for a rupture of ectopic pregnancy. Robert Lawson Tait is known as father of “Gynaecology and surgery” was suggested in1881 to remove the rupture tube of an ectopic pregnancy “……the suggestion staggered me, and I am ashamed to say that I did not receive it favorably….” Two years later Tait joined a large ligament and tube in other patient and this patient survived

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