Press Release: The Spokesman of Somaliland President

The Republic of Somaliland has issued strongly worded response to a recent statement from the Mogadishu Administration.

Press Release: 18/07/2019

The committee appointed by the president of the Mogadishu Administration yesterday have two objectives to accomplish:

First objective being permanent & fruitful solution to the concerns of Somaliland brothers and sisters.

A responsible and reasonable public official always have his words and actions harmonized. Since Farmaajo Admin came into power, the government of Somalia has politically, economically, socially, and diplomatically waged hostile campaign against the Republic of Somaliland, while aiming to block every avenue that provide either funding for development projects and Berbera Port deal or a market for livestock exports from Somaliland. Therefore, your hostile actions are not compatible with your sweet words of “our brothers and sisters in Somaliland”.

The Republic of Somaliland is only willing to present its concerns and mischiefs of Somali Federal Government in a process brokered by the international communities. Dealing with hostile administration to find resolution for our concerns is not the right choice but an arbitration process between two equal countries is the appropriate way of addressing our divorce. Sound mind does not dictate to entrust your concerns with your adversary but rather demands to ward off his advances.

Second objective being realization of federal principles.

The Republic of Somaliland has nothing to do with the federalism in Somalia; just try recalling the history of 1960 when we were two separate and internationally recognized nations that united for the pursuit of the Greater Somalia Dream. Unfortunately, in 1991, that union has collapsed, and since then, we are two independent states known as the Federal Government of Somalia and the Republic of Somaliland.

Therefore, the nomination of that committee is a manifestation of a political transgression against Somaliland.  Somaliland always manages well all its internal affairs and responds to its enemies with one unified voice nor is it possible for the citizen of Somaliland to act as puppets for enemies of their own country.

Finally, the Somaliland-Somalia talks can only take place when Somalia recognizes that the unity of the two countries collapsed in 1991 and, to this day, that we are two independent nations for the past 28 years.

Mohamoud Warsame Jama
(Spokesperson of the President of Somaliland Republic)

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