Function as a public education hub on the internet where the people of Somaliland and elsewhere can find informative as well as educational material in the way of relevant articles, discussions, videos and audio selections.

Facilitate public understanding of domestic and international policy issues;


Promote and conduct objective research in diverse areas, spanning healthcare, economics, governance and education.

Partner, collaborate with and publish research papers and research findings of major universities in Somaliland.

Research and advice on Somaliland’s quest for independence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; In addition to focus on certain sectors for some years in order to boost that sector. For example the lack of focus on Agriculture, there is a ministry but often it is not getting enough attention as result agriculture has been neglected and thus exacerbating the drought.


Identify, articulate and disseminate current policy issues, proposals and programs;

Establish effective networks of professionals, educators, community leaders, charitable organizations and other think tanks to maximize collaboration, reach and efficiency of all principal stakeholders.


Transform ideas and emerging problems into policy issues; conduct forums, seminars and symposiums where such new formulated policy issues maybe further be discussed, shared or otherwise refined.


Evaluate current public and/or private policy issues, proposals and programs;

Promote transparency, objectivity and accountability regarding policy formulation and program delivery

Promote the principles of representative governance and responsible citizenship.

The Somaliland Intellectuals Institute shall strive to be a productive member of the world community