Largest Group of Abaarso Students Ever Accepted to Boarding Schools in the US

Congratulations to the extraordinary number of Abaarso students who have been accepted to boarding schools in the US and around the world! Going from Abaarso to a boarding school brings our students to new immersive and challenging environments that will prepare them to to be positive change-makers in their community.

These acceptances represent the hard work of the student applicants, the rigor of our faculty, and the groundwork laid by so many successful alumni in the past.

The Abaarso family is excited to announce the following acceptances:

Boarding Schools

  • Hamda Abdirahman Hussein – Berkshire School, Sheffield MA
  • Muhiim Abdinasir Ali- Miss Hall’s School, Pittfield MA
  • Zuhieb Ibrahim Abdi – Philip’s Academy Andover, Andover MA
  • Nimco Ahmed Jama – Midland School, Los Olivos CA
  • Abdisalam Hassan Mohamed – Worcester Academy, Worcester MA
  • Naima Ali Abdirahman – Worcester Academy, Worcester MA
  • Bashir Abdi Dahir – Culver Academies, Culver IN
  • Khalid Abdi Ismail – UWC ISAK, Japan
  • Hajira Ahmed Hussein – Emma Willard School, Troy NY
  • Bilan Abdirahman Aden – Rabun Gap School, Rabun Gap GA

Congratulations to students and teachers!

In order to increase the opportunities for students to study in high schools abroad, Abaarso has partnered with two prestigious programs that provide a one-year experience in the US.

Since 1990 the Program for Academic Exchange (PAX) has placed students from all over the world at public high schools in the US where they live with host families. This program aims to promote cultural exchange between international students and their American host families. A special thank you goes to Walter Stewart (pictured above on his most recent visit to Somaliland) for his support of Somaliland students and the time he has spent at Abaarso over the years to establish and maintain this connection with the program. We are proud to announce that the largest ever group of students will head to the US this year to take part in the PAX program

  • Basma Mohamed Qalib
  • Haboon Abdulqaadir Jibril
  • Sagal Yuusuf Ibraahim
  • Ibtisam Mohamed Mohamoud
  • Deqa Wali Daud
  • Fardous Mohamed Ali
  • Farduus Yuusuf Ibraahim
  • Rahma Abdilahi Ibrahim
  • Suhayb Wali Daud
  • Suhayb Abdi Hussein
  • Waleed Mohamed Ahmed

Established in 1969, the ASSIST program brings international students from 23 different countries for a one-year stay at boarding schools in the US. Abaarso students represent the only students from Africa in the program. Previous ASSIST scholars from Abaarso have been accepted to Harvard, Brandeis, the American University of Beruit, and Georgetown University. A special thank you to Bob Stanley, Marty Milne, and the entire ASSIST team for all the work they’ve done for Abaarso

We are excited to announce the following acceptance to the ASSIST scholarship program:

  •     Sa’eed Ismail Abdilahi

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