Factor Causes for Abortion & Their Management

By: Muna Ahmed Ibrahim

Abortion is a current and famous situation which affects the society, an enormous number of our community have had abortion due to the increase of other diseases that can cause abortion. We should create a strategy for reducing the increasing effect of abortion in Somaliland and the best way to face the increase of abortion in Somaliland is to promote the health of the nation. Abortion can cause health problems for women even despite the fact that the level of medical services may be very high. The danger increases if abortion is illegal, in such a case there are no guarantees for a woman that the operation would be run successfully and medical personal will be responsible for the result in such degree as it is normally done when abortion is legal. Abortion may cause problems with families which are part of the society. The fact there is extremely important for a woman to have a supportive atmosphere from the part of the closest relatives, namely husband and parents

Specialist highly recommended taking the abortion decision by both partners that may make the family stronger while disagreement can lead to a divorce. Traditionally, abortion was the point of serious arguments for and against this phenomenon in the majority of the society.

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