Extraditing Somaliland Citizen to Djibouti

Djibouti dictator is seeking the extradition of Somaliland businessman and the owner of the coke bottling company in Hargeisa – Ahmed Osman Ghele.

Somaliland government is executing a court order from Djibouti courts against Ahmed Osman Ghele, according to the Arab clan elders in the video.

Initial arrest warrant for Ahmed Osman Guelleh was issued in 2017. But we know, in Djibouti, there is no rule of law. Ismail Omer Ghele and his wife run the tiny country like Mexican drug cartel.We must not capitulate the demands of the dictator.

It seems that some high ranking Somaliland government officials, including cabinet ministers and judges are doing Ismail Omer Ghele’s bidding and conspiring with him.

Somalikand is an independent nation.So why should Somaliland authority extradite one of its citizens to Djibouti—-a country that does not recognize our country as sovereign nation.This is a charade and President Muse Bihi must intervene and listen the petition of Arab elders.

Somaliland citizen should and must be tried in Somaliland where he has a fair shot at the court system and remains innocent until proven guilty.

Finally, Ismail Omer Geleh cannot have it both ways. He blindly supports Somalia and should be ridiculed by asking him send his extradition request to Farmaajo.

Ali Mohamed

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