Ethiopia and UAE on the Virtue of Declaring Somaliland Sovereignty as an Independent Country from Somalia

Over the past 27 years, and despite the success achieved by Somaliland in establishing a modern and democratic government, Somaliland is yet to receive full international recognition; although scores of international players are dealing with Somaliland as De Facto state for all practical purposes.

However, the signing of Berbera Port Concession Agreement between Somaliland, Ethiopian government and DP World (wholly owned subsidiary of the State of United Arab Emirates) has taken the case of Somaliland to Global Headlines.

This agreement has exposed the incompetency and inability of the South Somalia Government and how Somaliland is and has been a distinct state for the past 27 years. The administration in Mogadishu contends that Berbera, in particular and Somaliland Republic in general, is still part of the now defunct Somali Democratic Republic, but none of the leadership in Mogadishu can even dire to set a foot in Berbera or elsewhere within the proper Somaliland now or have visited once over the past 27 years.

The Berbera Port development has opened the eyes of international community to the plight of Somaliland and the recent historical background of these territories. The Government of Somaliland under the recently elected leadership of President Musa Bihi Abdi has shown the word the credentials of reliable, balanced and functioning state that has the capacity to enter into international treaties and contracts.

On the other hand, it has become obvious that the selected leadership of Somalia and its government are locked up in couple of villas in Mogadishu under the protection of African Peace Keeping forces that have transformed to act as African Mercenary Forces over the years. Mr. Farmajo uses armored vehicles or even armored personnel carriers (APC) to make it to Mogadishu Airport. Yet, his clowns continue to claim that they have control over Berbera where Mr. Farmajo’s late hero was literally kicked out in 1991.

Somaliland fought the dictatorship of late Mohamed Siyad Barre from 1982 to 1991 and brought that regime to its knees. The people of Somaliland have since capitalized on their traditional values and the democratic norms they inherited as a British Protectorate for 76 years (from 1884 to 1960) and managed to agree on new way out of the effects of the devastating war. They decided to reclaim the independence they gained from Great Britain on 26 June 1960, prior to the ill-fated union with the Italian South Somalia. Over the years, Somaliland managed to setup working and effective government institutions.

On the contrary, Somalia in South had reacted to effects of the 1991 civil war in a typical Italian Mafia Style. Money, Guns and Warlords became the masters in Mogadishu and took over the role of elders and intellectuals. The people in the South also became victims to the propaganda of fanatic religious groups who failed to sell their toxic merchandise to the more enlightened Northern communities

Despite the unprecedented success that Somaliland has made in building a modern nation out of the ruins of Hargeisa and Burao, and the equally un-paralleled series of failures that Mogadishu and the South continue to commit since 1991, the International Community has yet to recognize Somaliland as Independent sovereign nation.



Author: Hassan Abdi Yousuf,
Head of Horn of Africa Economic Research Center



Image of Hargeisa after it has been rebuilt

However, the agreement that Somaliland has recently concluded with the DP Wold (United Arab Emirates) and Ethiopia government has turned the table on Mogadishu and exposed their unsubstantiated claims and outright lies to the International Community. Somaliland has demonstrated that they have constructive as well as legal possession over their territories and that their official recognition as an independent state is actually long overdue. The fuss and vague claims made by Mr Farmaajo and his Prime Minister has also added fuel to the Somaliland recognition process. According to informed sources, the governments of Ethiopia and the UAE who have signed Berbera concession agreement with Somaliland are on the virtue of declaring the recognition of Somaliland as sovereign and independent country in order to silence the rhetoric and meaningless talk of Mogadishu guys. The Outcome of Berbera Concession could be the King maker for Somaliland Recognition

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