Edna Adan: The Iron Lady of Somaliland Delivered Again

Edna – the Iron Lady of Somaliland – speech at May 18 Celebration 2018 in London UK

“The people of Somaliland went into a union with neighboring Italian Somalia through their own decision. They were not conquered by Italian Somalia. They went into that union in the same way many governments and many countries go into unions.  Look at Europe today. Britain was part of European Community because it believed that Union would make Europe great but when the people of Great Britain decided to withdraw from the union that decision was respected. A motion of separation from Europe was put in place.

It is the will of the people to unite and again it is the will of the people to withdraw from the union, and they will look for different arrangement

The people of Somaliland chose to unite with Somalia and then chose to withdraw from that union.

Where t hose who perpetrated civilians in Somaliland have been awarded billions and billions of taxpayers’ money from all corners of the world is going into Somalia to reward its deliberate lawlessness

Somaliland created a heaven of peace and stability in that turbulent region”