Dr. Abiy’s Prescription for Somaliland Critics: New Ethiopian Consular to Somaliland

As reported by Somaliland online news sources, the Ethiopian government has named a new consular/representative to its mission in Somaliland, nominating Shamsudin Ahmed Rooble – a Somali native who has ties to Awdal region of Somaliland.

Shamsudin has previously been a member of the Ethiopian Federal Parliament and held different political appointments such as vice-ministerial position and ambassadorships to Kenya and Djibouti. He served as Deputy-Minister of Mining and Energy since August 1991 to December 1997, Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti since May 2002 to May 2011 and also Ambassador of Ethiopia to Kenya from May 2011 to December 2014. Also, he was the vice-chairman of the Ethiopian Somali Democratic League and was one of the founders.

Kenyan president Uhuru seeing off the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Shamsudin Ahmed Rooble on his departure from Kenya

The public opinion regards his selection to lead the Ethiopian Mission in Hargeisa to be an upgrade from the earlier one and conforms to the current changes taking place in Ethiopia, as the new consular has an extensive Foreign Service experience for the region and no military background at all. Many see it as a significant relationship overture for future bilateral engagements with the current Ethiopian Administration.

Newly appointed Ethiopian Consular to Somaliland: Shamsudin Ahmed Rooble

On the other hand, this appears to be a slap in the face and tend to generate shock-waves and great disappointments with Somaliland critics and its enemies. Since the Ethiopian representative in Hargeisa has been recalled back to Addis Ababa in November of this year, the familiar media that always envies Somaliland was making a lot of noise in the digital media outlets, interpreting that event as a move signaling the withdrawal of diplomatic relationship from Somaliland.

Somaliland Foreign Affairs Ministry has yet to comment or confirm this news.

The reality in the ground dictates that Somaliland is a state that is to be reckoned with in the region of the Horn of Africa and the lack of engagement with it is a counterproductive to the economical as well as political interest and the security stability of the region.

Any regional economic integration and political cooperation initiative that Somaliland is not at the table during discussion would be unsustainable and to some extent her absence would impede the realization and the delivery of the intended results considering her geopolitical location

On a different note in the world politics arena, Somaliland is a respected nation that cannot be ignored in the emerging world order and instance of this is that Somaliland Foreign Minister Yassin Mohamoud Hiir and his delegation, currently in the US on official visit, together with the Head of Somaliland Mission in USA – Bashir Omer Goth – attended

yesterday Thursday December 13 the ceremony that took place at the Heritage Foundation where the Trump Administration’s New Africa Strategy was presented for the first time by Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton

Ahmed J Yassin

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