Category: Policy/Governance

Public Perception of Female Lawyers in Hargeisa, Somaliland

By Maria Gaheir


The road to success for Somaliland’s female lawyers was not easy; until very recently there were no female lawyers in the field. Until 2007, Ifrah Aden Omar was the sole practicing female lawyer in Somaliland. She currently heads the first Women Lawyers Association (SWLA) not only in Somaliland but also in Somalia. It was established in Somaliland with the help of the United Nations Development Program in 2008 (UNDP 2008). Continue reading “Public Perception of Female Lawyers in Hargeisa, Somaliland”

Peace in Somaliland: An Indigenous Approach to State-Building

Burao, Borama, and Sanaag Conferences


Rebuilding a country after conflict is about far more than repairing damaged buildings and re-establishing public institutions. Fundamentally, it is about rebuilding relationships at all levels, restoring the people’s trust and confidence in governance systems and the rule of law, and providing the population with greater hope for the future. These processes are all critical to the consolidation of peace and security in fragile post-conflict situations. When they are neglected, the threat of conflict re-emerging is very real. In this sense, Continue reading “Peace in Somaliland: An Indigenous Approach to State-Building”

Clan Democracy in Somaliland: Prospects and Challenges

By: Hamse Khayre

Since Somaliland withdrew from its union with Somalia in 1991 a nascent democratic system have been implemented. The national charter approved soon after the union withdrawal established a government where the power sharing system was based on clan lines. Subsequently, the constitution of the republic, which was approved by a unanimous national referendum in 2001, stipulates that from the date of approval of the constitution the country directly transfers to a multiparty democratic system instead of a clan system. Continue reading “Clan Democracy in Somaliland: Prospects and Challenges”

Somalilanders Look Forward to the Republic’s Third National Presidential Election

5 September 2017, London

With just over two months until the Republic of Somaliland’s sixth nationwide election, British-Somalilanders across the UK are preparing to support the democratic process in their second home country. The presidential election, scheduled for 13 November 2017, will be the country’s third, after those that took place in 2010 and 2003. Other popular elections have included those of the Somaliland House of Representatives in 2005 and two nationwide local elections held in 2002 and 2012. Continue reading “Somalilanders Look Forward to the Republic’s Third National Presidential Election”

The Role of Telecommunications in State-building: The Somaliland Case

By: Mustafe Adam Muse

The telecom industry has become a key global element in economic development of many countries in the world. Since the last decades, many unprecedented innovations in the field of communication have been taking place across the world of which the most striking and most celebrated has been the aspect of mobile technology. Fortunately, Somaliland is among the countries that have been attending and benefiting from the advancement in the telecommunications sector. This research explores the role of telecommunications in state building process. In particular, this case will revolve around the impact of Telesom, a privately owned and operated Company, on state-building in Somaliland. Continue reading “The Role of Telecommunications in State-building: The Somaliland Case”