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Strengthening Somaliland Women’s Participation in Politics

PENHA ( Pastoral & Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) has successfully conducted a three-day training of trainers workshop for 30 rural women leaders who are active in campaigns to strengthen women’s participation in politics and are advocates for The Quota from 17th to 19th of July, 2018 in Ambassador Hotel, Hargeisa Somaliland. Continue reading “Strengthening Somaliland Women’s Participation in Politics”

Somaliland: Disturbing Image of Administrative and Finance Divisional Directors

In the Somaliland government, there are 47 Administrative and Finance Divisional Directors entrusted to carry out the daily operations in their respective ministries and agencies, and 27 or 59% of such government Officials hail from one constituency while all other constituencies account for only 41% of the pool. Continue reading “Somaliland: Disturbing Image of Administrative and Finance Divisional Directors”

Somaliland: The Declaratory vs Constitutive Theory

Statehood and Recognition: When looking at the map of the world it appears as if almost the whole world is neatly divided into separate parts, with each part representing a defined territorial entity, known as a State. But under this neatly divided surface, a closer examination reveals that the concept of statehood is shrouded in many ambiguities. For example, what makes a State, a State? Continue reading “Somaliland: The Declaratory vs Constitutive Theory”

Is it Rule of Law or Rule by Law That is the Overriding Modus Operandi in Somaliland Republic?

It is the duty of every Somalilander to have a self-reflective approach and to be aware of any actions he or she takes or any words he or she utters that could be detrimental to our nation building efforts. This applies to clan elders as much as it applies to the President, you and I alike.   Continue reading “Is it Rule of Law or Rule by Law That is the Overriding Modus Operandi in Somaliland Republic?”

International Observers Congratulate Somalilanders as Supreme Court Announces Final Eesults

(29 November 2017) International Observers: Somaliland’s Supreme Court yesterday upheld the preliminary results of the presidential election, originally released by the National Electoral Commission on 21 November. That decision confirms Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi, leader of Kulmiye Party, as the president-elect. The international election observation mission (EOM) congratulates all Somalilanders, including Mr Bihi and the other candidates, on the conclusion of the electoral process.

Says Dr Michael Walls, chief observer of the EOM:

“We congratulate the new president, and are pleased that, after some post-poll tensions, political parties have followed legal channels in confirming the election result, which has now been accepted by all candidates. We applaud political leaders on all sides for their public statements stressing the importance of the gains made by Somaliland to date. Somalilanders have once again shown their strong commitment to peaceful electoral democracy and we look forward to a continuation of that process as we now look toward the much-delayed parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held in tandem with local council polls in 2019.”

The EOM, which was funded by the British government and included 60 observers from 27 countries, observed the election at the invitation of the National Electoral Commission ( NEC) . The mission, led by the Development Planning Unit (DPU) at University College London (UCL), and Somaliland Focus UK, observed 350 polling stations and tallying centres across Somaliland’s six regions on polling day.

The EOM was able to report a largely peaceful and well-organised polling day in areas observed, albeit with some concerns. We noted at the time that irregularities observed were not of sufficient scale to have impacted the final result.

Throughout the election period, Somalilanders demonstrated their support for the rule of law and constitutional process, voting peacefully and in significant numbers, and we applaud this ongoing commitment to peaceful participation in an impressively open electoral system.

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Public Perception of Female Lawyers in Hargeisa, Somaliland

By Maria Gaheir


The road to success for Somaliland’s female lawyers was not easy; until very recently there were no female lawyers in the field. Until 2007, Ifrah Aden Omar was the sole practicing female lawyer in Somaliland. She currently heads the first Women Lawyers Association (SWLA) not only in Somaliland but also in Somalia. It was established in Somaliland with the help of the United Nations Development Program in 2008 (UNDP 2008). Continue reading “Public Perception of Female Lawyers in Hargeisa, Somaliland”