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Internal Political & Security Developments in Somali from Mid-1980 to Mid-1982

President Mohamed Siyad Barre announced a reorganization of the Government and the leadership of the ruling Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP) on March 1, 1982, and at the same time lifted the state of emergency which had been in force since Oct. 21, 1980. The declaration of a state of emergency had been Continue reading “Internal Political & Security Developments in Somali from Mid-1980 to Mid-1982”

Somaliland: The Declaratory vs Constitutive Theory

Statehood and Recognition: When looking at the map of the world it appears as if almost the whole world is neatly divided into separate parts, with each part representing a defined territorial entity, known as a State. But under this neatly divided surface, a closer examination reveals that the concept of statehood is shrouded in many ambiguities. For example, what makes a State, a State? Continue reading “Somaliland: The Declaratory vs Constitutive Theory”

Somaliland Voter Registration Utilizes Iris Recognition Technology

How Khat Impacts Negatively upon Families in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Authoress: Rahma Saed Hirsi
High-quality Research Support program (HQRS) September 2016

This study presents a brief review of Khat and the associated effects of Khat use and misuse on families physically, psychologically, and financially including how it plays a critical role in broken marriages particularly in Hargeisa. Almost all of the Somali women are victim of Khat. The author of this paper is a Somali single mother who was curious to understand the effects of Khat on families that live in Hargeisa. Children and mothers are abandoned by fathers and husbands; the ubiquity of Khat use is deeply ingrained in the central culture of the Somali male. It is fast becoming the norm in Hargeisa. Continue reading “How Khat Impacts Negatively upon Families in Hargeisa, Somaliland”