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Mohamed Aden Hassan appointed PRIO Global Fellow

The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

conducts research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people

Mohamed Aden Hassan has recently been appointed PRIO Global Fellow. Hassan works with PRIO researchers Cindy Horst and Ebba Tellander on projects related to accountability, diaspora and transnationalism, youth and migration in Somaliland.

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Mitigating Natural Disasters in Somaliland

 Policy Options and Strategies

Executive Summary

The impact of drought emerges in Somaliland once again. Hundreds of thousands of Somaliland citizens are facing severe food shortages, water scarcity and malnutrition, which causes diarrhea and other associated diseases. This harsh drought, which has also affected many other parts of the Horn of Africa, is causing the reduction and loss of pasture and water, along with decreases or total losses of livestock herds. This directly affects the livelihoods of the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist societies that depend on livestock and livestock products, which have sustained the basic needs of their households for centuries. Recurrent drought also has broader adverse consequences for the rest of the population, including those who live in urban areas. Continue reading “Mitigating Natural Disasters in Somaliland”

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The Impact of Innovation on Small and Medium Enterprises Performance

By: Mohamed Hussein Abdilahi & Abdikarim Adan Hassan

This study examines the impact of innovation on the performance of Small and Medium
Enterprises (SMEs) in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Target population of the study was 6930 SMEs in
Hargeisa; a number provided by Hargeisa Local Government, and Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Investment as the two institutions issue business licenses to the small enterprises and medium enterprises respectively. A sample of 378 SMEs has been drown from this population. Continue reading “The Impact of Innovation on Small and Medium Enterprises Performance”

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Overcoming Challenges in Unrecognized Economy: Experience from Somaliland

By: Muktar Adan A. (Koshin) A Researcher

Despite Somaliland being the fourth poorest country in the world, Somaliland operates one of the lowest budgets of unrecognized states; it is unfortunate that 70% of its budget goes to the security sector while only 30% goes to the development programs (World Bank economic update of Somalia 2015).

According to Collier and Hoeffler (2005), most unrecognized states are low income countries, and the costs of non-recognition grow over time as their economies further decay, this is because the resources of unrecognized states are primarily focused on security which is generally characterized by a lack of public investment in critical sector which is the main vein of development like infrastructure and education. Continue reading “Overcoming Challenges in Unrecognized Economy: Experience from Somaliland”

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