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Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system

Half a dozen men crowd round one of the many small colorful wooden shacks off a main street in Hargeisa, Somaliland, shouting and arguing over the quality of khat – a mild narcotic that has been likened to both coffee and cocaine – that they’ve just been hastily handed by the vendor.

Customers quickly come and go, grabbing bundles of the green leafy, legal plant that they deem good enough before punching digits into phones and disappearing as quickly as they came. Continue reading “Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system”

Working with Non-State Providers in Post-Conflict & Fragile States

This is an independent report commissioned and funded by the Research and Evidence Division in the Department for International Development. This material has been funded by UK aid from the UK Government; however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s official policies.

The state may be more or less directly involved in catering for the health needs of its citizens as follows: Continue reading “Working with Non-State Providers in Post-Conflict & Fragile States”

Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips

As some of you may know, I have traveled around Africa for 2 months and I decided to save the most challenging country for last: SOMALILAND! This is my 95th country! Woohoo! and after hearing all the horror stories about it, I was really nervous and excited at the very same time!After almost 24 hours of travel time from Comoros which included an overnight stay in Nairobi airport and a 5-hour layover in Ethiopia, I finally landed on Djibouti! My hosts, Gladsy and Romain, a lovely Filipina with a French partner picked me up from the airport and prepared a wonderful dinner for me with some friends ? I really had no plans in Djibouti other than to get my Somaliland Visa.Somaliland is an unrecognized state. This means that no country or international organization thinks that Somaliland is a real country. Instead, they include Somaliland as an Autonomous Region Continue reading “Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips”

African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism

In 1964, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the forerunner to the present-day African Union, declared at its Cairo summit that colonial borders would not be altered to reflect on-the-ground realities regarding ethnicity, language, and/or religion. With little debate, the OAU declared that the colonial boundaries of Africa, agreed to in far-away places like Berlin, Paris, London, and even the remote North Sea island of Heligoland, Continue reading “African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism”

Somaliland’s Booming Informal Transport Sector: Pitfall & Potentials

Warsame M. Ahmed:  is the Director of Research and Community Service and a Senior Lecturer at University of Hargeisa. He is an economist by training. His research focuses on urban informal economy, crime, cross border trade and institutions in economic development.

Somaliland Transport: Bus & Taxi Traffic

Sub-standard roads, the pollution and dust of cars, overloaded vehicles, and, of course, the downed MiG-17 fighter jet monument erected in the city center might not be among the best first impressions for Hargeisa. Yet behind the surface of appearances Somaliland’s capital has a thriving urban transport system. Continue reading “Somaliland’s Booming Informal Transport Sector: Pitfall & Potentials”

Somaliland’s Quiet Revolution

By Rasna Warah: a freelance journalist based in Malindi, Kenya

Denied international recognition for nearly three decades, the breakaway republic has built a hybrid political system that some scholars term the first modern African democracy

“Never dress a deep wound superficially.”Somali proverb


At the recent London conference on Somalia, representatives from Somaliland were conspicuously absent, as they have been at all conferences on Somalia that have been taking place over the past two decades. Somaliland even boycotted the recent elections in Somalia, “even if it means stopping or destroying vehicles carrying ballot papers across the border,” as one Somalilander put it. This is because Somaliland does not consider itself as being part of Somalia; it views itself as a sovereign state, even though the international community has stubbornly failed to recognize it as such since it broke away from Somalia in 1991.

Continue reading “Somaliland’s Quiet Revolution”

Shukri Ali of Somaliland is heading to Wellesley College to study Neuro-science & Astronomy

As a winner of scholarship founded by an ex-hedge-fund analyst that prepares kids in Somaliland to study in the US, Shukri shared her story

Tell me about your family.

I was born and raised in Hargeisa. My father is a store keeper and my mother stays at home because I have 11 siblings. My older sister who is 23 is married now and has a small child and my older brother crossed the Mediterranean Sea to go to Europe, he’s in Austria now. A lot of young Somalis cross the Mediterranean when they cannot find jobs in the country. My brother went to Libya and then crossed from there on a boat, it was very dangerous. My sister finished high school and then got married. She doesn’t work to take care of the baby. My younger sister is at Abaarso right now so I’m very excited for her and her future as well. Continue reading “Shukri Ali of Somaliland is heading to Wellesley College to study Neuro-science & Astronomy”

It’s high time to recognize Somaliland

By Mikael Torstensson, a Guest Editorial of Swedish Varlden Idag

Yesterday, May 18, one of the world’s miracle celebrations celebrated its national day and thus 26 years of unbroken peace and democratic development.

In one of the world’s most vulnerable areas – characterized by dictatorships, war and terrorism – the republic of Somaliland on the Horn of Africa is a brilliant exception. The country has developed into the region’s only functioning democracy, with constant in-depth work for human rights and gender equality. The country fulfills all criteria for full recognition, as the independent country it is. Now it is time for the outside world to take a stand for continued democratic development in the Horn of Africa by giving the Somali people the right to their place among the nations of the world. Continue reading “It’s high time to recognize Somaliland”