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Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips

As some of you may know, I have traveled around Africa for 2 months and I decided to save the most challenging country for last: SOMALILAND! This is my 95th country! Woohoo! and after hearing all the horror stories about it, I was really nervous and excited at the very same time!After almost 24 hours of travel time from Comoros which included an overnight stay in Nairobi airport and a 5-hour layover in Ethiopia, I finally landed on Djibouti! My hosts, Gladsy and Romain, a lovely Filipina with a French partner picked me up from the airport and prepared a wonderful dinner for me with some friends ? I really had no plans in Djibouti other than to get my Somaliland Visa.Somaliland is an unrecognized state. This means that no country or international organization thinks that Somaliland is a real country. Instead, they include Somaliland as an Autonomous Region Continue reading “Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips”

African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism

In 1964, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the forerunner to the present-day African Union, declared at its Cairo summit that colonial borders would not be altered to reflect on-the-ground realities regarding ethnicity, language, and/or religion. With little debate, the OAU declared that the colonial boundaries of Africa, agreed to in far-away places like Berlin, Paris, London, and even the remote North Sea island of Heligoland, Continue reading “African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism”

Somaliland’s Booming Informal Transport Sector: Pitfall & Potentials

Warsame M. Ahmed:  is the Director of Research and Community Service and a Senior Lecturer at University of Hargeisa. He is an economist by training. His research focuses on urban informal economy, crime, cross border trade and institutions in economic development.

Somaliland Transport: Bus & Taxi Traffic

Sub-standard roads, the pollution and dust of cars, overloaded vehicles, and, of course, the downed MiG-17 fighter jet monument erected in the city center might not be among the best first impressions for Hargeisa. Yet behind the surface of appearances Somaliland’s capital has a thriving urban transport system. Continue reading “Somaliland’s Booming Informal Transport Sector: Pitfall & Potentials”