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Somaliland: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port

Government becomes strategic shareholder, investing in Berbera trade corridor infrastructure

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 March 2018: Ethiopia will become a shareholder of the Port of Berbera following the signing of an agreement with DP World and the Somaliland Port Authority in Dubai today.

DP World will hold a 51% stake in the project, Somaliland 30% and Ethiopia the remaining 19%. The government of Ethiopia will also invest in infrastructure to develop the Berbera Corridor as a trade gateway for the inland country, which is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Continue reading “Somaliland: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port”

Somaliland Issues Fatwa Banning FGM

Razia Iqbal, the presenter of Newshour on the BBC World Services spoke with Nimco Ali, a British Somalilander and a campaigner against the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), in the wake of recent Fatwa, or religious edict, condemning FGM and paving the way for legislation outlawing it in Somaliland. The practice, which involves the partial or total removal of the female genitalia, is almost universal in the self-declared republic of Somaliland


Smuggling Migrants from the Horn of Africa to Yemen and Saudi Arabia

This report examines the smuggling migrants networks facilitating irregular migration from the Horn of Africa to countries in the Arabian Peninsula, also referred to as the Gulf. In addition to analyzing the structure and modus operandi of migrant smuggling networks, the author considers the extent to which these networks are involved in other forms of organized criminal activity, such as arms and narcotics trafficking. Continue reading “Smuggling Migrants from the Horn of Africa to Yemen and Saudi Arabia”

What are the leadership qualities of a good President?

Hussein Ismail

Now that the political campaign season is well under way, what kind of political leadership does Somaliland need?

In order to determine what kind of political leadership the nation requires, lets first establish how leadership is defined. The term ‘leadership’ was first coined in the early nineteenth century[i], and refers to ‘the dignity, office, or position of a leader, especially of a political party’s ability to lead’[ii]. To delve more into what political leadership entails we must refer to the renowned Greek Philosopher Aristotle, one of the most authoritative scholars on Political Philosophy, and teacher of Alexander the Great amongst others. The quest to identify who would make the best and most effective leader is as old as civilization itself. As such to determine which of the three Presidential candidates has the best qualities of a political leader, we ought to refer to Aristotle three artistic proofs. According to Aristotle we must all first become good followers before we become good leaders[iii]. Continue reading “What are the leadership qualities of a good President?”

Finnish may be Somaliland’s next president

Abdulkadir Abdi on Finland’s Somalia Network knows the two presidential candidates by name

Two out of three presidential candidates are affiliated with Finland when Somaliland goes to elections on Monday after more than two years of waiting.

This is the third time Somaliland chooses president since the region declared its independence.The sitting president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud , termed office two years ago, and after that the election has been postponed several times. In June 2015, both the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held until April 2017. In April, elections will be held once again due to severe drought. Continue reading “Finnish may be Somaliland’s next president”

What Next for Somaliland’s Foreign Policy after the Election?

YACQUB ISMAIL from Somaliland is a student of politics and economics at the University of Bristol.

Somaliland’s presidential elections next week offer the self-declared Horn of Africa nation an opportunity to re-examine its foreign policy. Until now, it has sought to engage all its neighbours – except Somalia. But the nation seems keen to take sides in conflicts in the Middle East. Somaliland needs to engage, but not to create opponents in, the international system.

Continue reading “What Next for Somaliland’s Foreign Policy after the Election?”

Somaliland: A Model for Democracy in Africa

By Musa M. Isse

The first-ever Somaliland Presidential Election Debate has been held in Hargeisa last Thursday, October 19, 2017. All three presidential candidates from the three political parties, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilllahi from Waddani, Musa Bihi Abdi from Kulmiye and Faisal Ali Warabe from Ucid participated in the debate. It was a well-organized debate similar to the American Presidential debate, with an intelligent and educative performance by the presidential hopefuls. The debate lasted approximately three hours with the central focus on critical national issues such as justice, health, security, education, economy, inflation, unemployment, foreign affairs and human rights.

Continue reading “Somaliland: A Model for Democracy in Africa”

Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system

Half a dozen men crowd round one of the many small colorful wooden shacks off a main street in Hargeisa, Somaliland, shouting and arguing over the quality of khat – a mild narcotic that has been likened to both coffee and cocaine – that they’ve just been hastily handed by the vendor.

Customers quickly come and go, grabbing bundles of the green leafy, legal plant that they deem good enough before punching digits into phones and disappearing as quickly as they came. Continue reading “Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system”