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What are the leadership qualities of a good President?

Hussein Ismail

Now that the political campaign season is well under way, what kind of political leadership does Somaliland need?

In order to determine what kind of political leadership the nation requires, lets first establish how leadership is defined. The term ‘leadership’ was first coined in the early nineteenth century[i], and refers to ‘the dignity, office, or position of a leader, especially of a political party’s ability to lead’[ii]. To delve more into what political leadership entails we must refer to the renowned Greek Philosopher Aristotle, one of the most authoritative scholars on Political Philosophy, and teacher of Alexander the Great amongst others. The quest to identify who would make the best and most effective leader is as old as civilization itself. As such to determine which of the three Presidential candidates has the best qualities of a political leader, we ought to refer to Aristotle three artistic proofs. According to Aristotle we must all first become good followers before we become good leaders[iii]. Continue reading “What are the leadership qualities of a good President?”

Finnish may be Somaliland’s next president

Abdulkadir Abdi on Finland’s Somalia Network knows the two presidential candidates by name

Two out of three presidential candidates are affiliated with Finland when Somaliland goes to elections on Monday after more than two years of waiting.

This is the third time Somaliland chooses president since the region declared its independence.The sitting president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud , termed office two years ago, and after that the election has been postponed several times. In June 2015, both the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held until April 2017. In April, elections will be held once again due to severe drought. Continue reading “Finnish may be Somaliland’s next president”

What Next for Somaliland’s Foreign Policy after the Election?

YACQUB ISMAIL from Somaliland is a student of politics and economics at the University of Bristol.

Somaliland’s presidential elections next week offer the self-declared Horn of Africa nation an opportunity to re-examine its foreign policy. Until now, it has sought to engage all its neighbours – except Somalia. But the nation seems keen to take sides in conflicts in the Middle East. Somaliland needs to engage, but not to create opponents in, the international system.

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Somaliland: A Model for Democracy in Africa

By Musa M. Isse

The first-ever Somaliland Presidential Election Debate has been held in Hargeisa last Thursday, October 19, 2017. All three presidential candidates from the three political parties, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilllahi from Waddani, Musa Bihi Abdi from Kulmiye and Faisal Ali Warabe from Ucid participated in the debate. It was a well-organized debate similar to the American Presidential debate, with an intelligent and educative performance by the presidential hopefuls. The debate lasted approximately three hours with the central focus on critical national issues such as justice, health, security, education, economy, inflation, unemployment, foreign affairs and human rights.

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Somaliland’s Quiet Revolution

By Rasna Warah: a freelance journalist based in Malindi, Kenya

Denied international recognition for nearly three decades, the breakaway republic has built a hybrid political system that some scholars term the first modern African democracy

“Never dress a deep wound superficially.”Somali proverb


At the recent London conference on Somalia, representatives from Somaliland were conspicuously absent, as they have been at all conferences on Somalia that have been taking place over the past two decades. Somaliland even boycotted the recent elections in Somalia, “even if it means stopping or destroying vehicles carrying ballot papers across the border,” as one Somalilander put it. This is because Somaliland does not consider itself as being part of Somalia; it views itself as a sovereign state, even though the international community has stubbornly failed to recognize it as such since it broke away from Somalia in 1991.

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Shukri Ali of Somaliland is heading to Wellesley College to study Neuro-science & Astronomy

As a winner of scholarship founded by an ex-hedge-fund analyst that prepares kids in Somaliland to study in the US, Shukri shared her story

Tell me about your family.

I was born and raised in Hargeisa. My father is a store keeper and my mother stays at home because I have 11 siblings. My older sister who is 23 is married now and has a small child and my older brother crossed the Mediterranean Sea to go to Europe, he’s in Austria now. A lot of young Somalis cross the Mediterranean when they cannot find jobs in the country. My brother went to Libya and then crossed from there on a boat, it was very dangerous. My sister finished high school and then got married. She doesn’t work to take care of the baby. My younger sister is at Abaarso right now so I’m very excited for her and her future as well. Continue reading “Shukri Ali of Somaliland is heading to Wellesley College to study Neuro-science & Astronomy”

It’s high time to recognize Somaliland

By Mikael Torstensson, a Guest Editorial of Swedish Varlden Idag

Yesterday, May 18, one of the world’s miracle celebrations celebrated its national day and thus 26 years of unbroken peace and democratic development.

In one of the world’s most vulnerable areas – characterized by dictatorships, war and terrorism – the republic of Somaliland on the Horn of Africa is a brilliant exception. The country has developed into the region’s only functioning democracy, with constant in-depth work for human rights and gender equality. The country fulfills all criteria for full recognition, as the independent country it is. Now it is time for the outside world to take a stand for continued democratic development in the Horn of Africa by giving the Somali people the right to their place among the nations of the world. Continue reading “It’s high time to recognize Somaliland”