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US State Department Warnings Biased Against Somaliland

BERBERA, SOMALILAND — To depart Mogadishu’s heavily-armed international airport — Somalia’s “green zone” — is an expensive prospect. Decades of lawlessness and instability in Mogadishu make insurance almost impossible. Few foreigners will pass outside the airport’s heavily fortified walls without armored cars and multiple personal security contractors. Most diplomats in Somalia (including America’s and Europe’s) are either sequestered inside the airport or remain in Kenya. Continue reading “US State Department Warnings Biased Against Somaliland”

US State Department Strategy to Somaliland So Narrow Minded

To most Americans, anarchy, intervention, and the Black Hawk Down fiasco define Somalia. By any reasonable metric, the country has not improved much since. Somalia has had the dubious honor to be crowned the world’s most corrupt country by Transparency International for 14 years running. Terrorism is a weekly occurrence, and perhaps even a tool for some Somali politicians Continue reading “US State Department Strategy to Somaliland So Narrow Minded”

Somaliland Still Captive for AU Hypocrisy

While in the rest of the world, the self-determination of enormous nations, who were once part of a sovereign unions, have been accepted with an open heart and without reasonable delay and scrutiny when they had chosen to leave, the Republic of Somaliland is still held as hostage by the African Union for legally leaving, at the discretion of its citizens, a faulty union once it had with the Italian Somalia. An  indifferent attitude towards their strong case has been the responses of these two world and continental bodies respectively for the past 28 years.. Continue reading “Somaliland Still Captive for AU Hypocrisy”