British MP Urges UK to Lead Somaliland Recognition

British Member of Parliament Matthew Offorde wants his government to lead the Somaliland Recognition and spoke about his recent visit to Somaliland which he had never visited before.  He said that he was completely surprised by what he found. The Conservative Party MP said Somaliland was a country on the brink of success. 

He said Somaliland had gone through a very difficult history but the country had put this behind and now faces great opportunities.

He said the development of Berbera is an opportunity for Somaliland and the whole region to join the international community. Mr Offorde said Somaliland is safe and don’t have the kinds of security concerns faced by other parts of Somalia. In particular Mr Offorde said he is very encouraged to find British Somaliland Diaspora going back to Somaliland and using their skills and their education to develop the country. He was even surprised to meet some of his own British Somaliland constituents whilst visiting Somaliland.

Mr Offorde also said he wants British companies to be engaged in Somaliland and to benefit from the many business opportunities that the development of the Berbera port and corridor would bring.  Mr Offorde also said that he wants to see the British government “to take a lead at the UN to get Somaliland accepted as a separate country in its own right.”

He also said he would encourage other British MPs to understand this because Somaliland was a country with a great future ahead of it”