Attorney Dr. Kathy Roberts Discusses Tuke Case with Somaliland USA TV

Zaki Isaac of Somaliland USA TV, a weekly program produced at the Studio of Tempo Afric in Minneapolis, Minnesota, had an opportunity to interview via Skype Dr. Kathy Roberts, a senior legal adviser at Center for Justice and Accountability and the lead attorney in the case Warfaa v Colonel Yussuf Abdi Ali (nicknamed “Tukeh”) of Somali army’s Fifth Brigade in the 1980s. The program aired on Friday May 24, 2019.

Dr. Kathy Roberts, Senior Legal Adviser, is a U.S. lawyer and independent consultant based in Los Angeles, California. With more than a decade of experience representing victims and survivors of human rights violations and international atrocity crimes in litigation, Dr. Roberts’s practice focuses on providing respectful support to local practitioners seeking accountability for international justice crimes in their own country’s courts.

Dr. Kathy Roberts