Month: February 2019

Electricity and Power Generation in Somaliland

Telesom & Sompower are Somaliland’s  two biggest and main utility corporations providing electricity and power in the country. Sompower – jointly owned by Dahabshiil & Mohamed Aw Saeed – has invested in some solar energy systems in the north of Metro Hargeisa, about 6 miles north of Daloodho neighborhood. This pilot project area is about one square mile with abundant installations of new solar panels. Sompower is also investing in bigger diesel generators to supply the northern suburbs of the city  located beyond the North of the dry valley. Continue reading “Electricity and Power Generation in Somaliland”

Somaliland Elections: A Victim of Politics, Certainly Not Policies as Presented

Combined Parliamentary and Local Council Elections of the Somaliland Republic originally planned on March 27, 2019 became a hostage for senseless politics of the national institutions entrusted in safeguarding and advancing it – the government, political parties, the National Electoral Commission (NEC), and the House of Representatives to some extent. Continue reading “Somaliland Elections: A Victim of Politics, Certainly Not Policies as Presented”