Month: May 2018

Geopolitical Change, a Rising Hegemon, and Berbera Port Deal

In the Horn of Africa, the Republic of Somaliland has functioned as an independent country for close to three decades. It has held multiple elections, seen four presidents take office, prints its own money and issues its own visas, and its capital city, Hargeisa, houses two parliamentary bodies that pass and enact laws. However, it remains an unrecognized country and is viewed by the rest of the world’s states as part of the Republic of Somalia with its capital in Mogadishu. Continue reading “Geopolitical Change, a Rising Hegemon, and Berbera Port Deal”

Somaliland Paging Mr Michael Keating!

The defined territory is one of the physical elements of the state enshrined in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States in 1933. Each state should have its own defined territory which distinguishes it from its neighbors and any other state, a permanent population, capacity to enter into relations with others and a functioning government. Continue reading “Somaliland Paging Mr Michael Keating!”

Qatar and Farmaajo: Attempting to Drag Somaliland into War

The public opinion in the Horn of Africa region believes the renewed fighting in the border between the Somaliland Republic and the autonomous Somali state of Puntland is a dent to the already tarnished record of the government of Mohammed Abdullah Faramajo, that is backed by government of Qatar whose main objective is to escalate the tension to full fledged war. Continue reading “Qatar and Farmaajo: Attempting to Drag Somaliland into War”


The de-escalation of tensions and increase of peaceful political dialogue is the fundamental principle of the United Nations’ mandate for international security. If that is the case, there comes a question of whether the Special Representative of United Nations Secretary-General to Somalia Michael Keating is fulfilling that mandate? Continue reading “KEATING OR CHEATING: THE POLITICAL BIAS OF UNSOM”

Disguised Distraction As Peace Preaching By Michael Keating

The latest victory of Somaliland military forces against the skirmishes carried out by the Somali Federal Government forces in the Eastern border of the country is more like a slab on the face of Michael Keating, in addition to being a decisive response that defended the Somaliland military installations in the front-line. Continue reading “Disguised Distraction As Peace Preaching By Michael Keating”