Day: April 13, 2018

Somaliland Prohibits Using Somalia Top Level Domain Name

The Republic of Somaliland – through its Minister of Communications and Technology Abdiweli Abdillahi Suufi – has asked public administrations and private companies that use the Somalia Top Level Domain name (.so) for their presence on the Internet to end it. In its battle for sovereignty, this territory of northern Somalia, still in search of international recognition after its self-proclaimed independence in 1991, believes that using the domain name of its big neighbor amounts to rowing against the current of its ideology of total independence.

Minister Abdiweli Abdillahi Suufi called on public administrations, universities, private companies that want to maintain an Internet presence to use a neutral domain name such as “.net” or “.com”. The boss of the telecoms sector has threatened severe sanctions, any public administration and enterprise that will continue to use the Somali domain name, which subordinates the independent state of Somaliland to Somalia and undermines its national sovereignty.

“According to the first article of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland and the statutes that govern the structures and functions of our ministries, nothing that directly or indirectly violates national sovereignty is allowed, such as this first-level domain of Somalia, “said Minister Abdiweli Abdullahi Suufi.

Still to move further from Somalia, the minister said the country is changing its country code, the 252 he inherited from the Somalia government backed by the African Union mission (AMISOM). It is also expected a change in the postal code of Somaliland.