Month: October 2017

Somaliland: A Model for Democracy in Africa

By Musa M. Isse

The first-ever Somaliland Presidential Election Debate has been held in Hargeisa last Thursday, October 19, 2017. All three presidential candidates from the three political parties, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilllahi from Waddani, Musa Bihi Abdi from Kulmiye and Faisal Ali Warabe from Ucid participated in the debate. It was a well-organized debate similar to the American Presidential debate, with an intelligent and educative performance by the presidential hopefuls. The debate lasted approximately three hours with the central focus on critical national issues such as justice, health, security, education, economy, inflation, unemployment, foreign affairs and human rights.

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Dr. Edna’s Eightieth Birth Day

The Somaliland community led by Ambassador Ayan Mohamoud – the head of Somaliland Mission in UK – met yesterday (September 10, 2017) to congratulate Dr. Edna Adan for her newly assumed position of becoming the Special Envoy leading the Somaliland team in the talk between Somaliland and Somalia and to celebrate with Dr. Edna on the occasion of her 80th birth that fell on September 10.

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