Month: September 2017

The Impact of Innovation on Small and Medium Enterprises Performance

By: Mohamed Hussein Abdilahi & Abdikarim Adan Hassan

This study examines the impact of innovation on the performance of Small and Medium
Enterprises (SMEs) in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Target population of the study was 6930 SMEs in
Hargeisa; a number provided by Hargeisa Local Government, and Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Investment as the two institutions issue business licenses to the small enterprises and medium enterprises respectively. A sample of 378 SMEs has been drown from this population. Continue reading “The Impact of Innovation on Small and Medium Enterprises Performance”

Ceremony for Researchers Training Completion

Author:  Ayan Yusuf is a researcher with OCVP.  Currently applying her analytical and report writing skills with the District Conflict and Security Assessments (DCSAs). She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and Politics (Hons) from University of Reading, United Kingdom, and an MA in International Studies (Merit) from Birmingham University, also in the United Kingdom.

There was a graduation ceremony that took place on the 10th September whereby we had, along with Bristol University in the UK, trained researchers so that we could build capacity within the country. Continue reading “Ceremony for Researchers Training Completion”

Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system

Half a dozen men crowd round one of the many small colorful wooden shacks off a main street in Hargeisa, Somaliland, shouting and arguing over the quality of khat – a mild narcotic that has been likened to both coffee and cocaine – that they’ve just been hastily handed by the vendor.

Customers quickly come and go, grabbing bundles of the green leafy, legal plant that they deem good enough before punching digits into phones and disappearing as quickly as they came. Continue reading “Somaliland can claim to be a world leader in cashless payment system”

Working with Non-State Providers in Post-Conflict & Fragile States

This is an independent report commissioned and funded by the Research and Evidence Division in the Department for International Development. This material has been funded by UK aid from the UK Government; however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s official policies.

The state may be more or less directly involved in catering for the health needs of its citizens as follows: Continue reading “Working with Non-State Providers in Post-Conflict & Fragile States”

Somalilanders Look Forward to the Republic’s Third National Presidential Election

5 September 2017, London

With just over two months until the Republic of Somaliland’s sixth nationwide election, British-Somalilanders across the UK are preparing to support the democratic process in their second home country. The presidential election, scheduled for 13 November 2017, will be the country’s third, after those that took place in 2010 and 2003. Other popular elections have included those of the Somaliland House of Representatives in 2005 and two nationwide local elections held in 2002 and 2012. Continue reading “Somalilanders Look Forward to the Republic’s Third National Presidential Election”

Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips

As some of you may know, I have traveled around Africa for 2 months and I decided to save the most challenging country for last: SOMALILAND! This is my 95th country! Woohoo! and after hearing all the horror stories about it, I was really nervous and excited at the very same time!After almost 24 hours of travel time from Comoros which included an overnight stay in Nairobi airport and a 5-hour layover in Ethiopia, I finally landed on Djibouti! My hosts, Gladsy and Romain, a lovely Filipina with a French partner picked me up from the airport and prepared a wonderful dinner for me with some friends ? I really had no plans in Djibouti other than to get my Somaliland Visa.Somaliland is an unrecognized state. This means that no country or international organization thinks that Somaliland is a real country. Instead, they include Somaliland as an Autonomous Region Continue reading “Crossing The Border To Somaliland: The Danger, The Process and Useful Tips”

African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism

In 1964, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the forerunner to the present-day African Union, declared at its Cairo summit that colonial borders would not be altered to reflect on-the-ground realities regarding ethnicity, language, and/or religion. With little debate, the OAU declared that the colonial boundaries of Africa, agreed to in far-away places like Berlin, Paris, London, and even the remote North Sea island of Heligoland, Continue reading “African Union’s Adherence to Colonial Borders Looks Like a Needless Anachronism”