Day: August 9, 2017

Prevalence of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hargeisa: The Somaliland Capital

Prepared by: Kadra Abdilahi Mohamed

Ectopic pregnancy or occysis is the pregnancy that occurs outside the uterine cavity, i.e. at place that by naturally is not planned or designed anatomically or physiologically to accept the conceptus or to allow its growth and development. The word ectopic comes from a Greek word ektopos means “away from a place”

Most ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube and also known as tubal pregnancy. But implantation can be happen other sites like ovaries, cervix and abdomen. An ectopic pregnancy may become medical emergency and if not treated normally can cause to death. Continue reading “Prevalence of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hargeisa: The Somaliland Capital”

Prolonged Labor and Fetal Injury

Prepared by: Hibaaq Hussein Ibrahim

Prolonged labor is abundant throughout the world and large number of women complain about this problem, this is following by injuries of the infant and it will remain a big problem in the world either developed countries or developing countries if they don’t prevent in effective stimulations and do not manage the case as perfect as possible. Continue reading “Prolonged Labor and Fetal Injury”

Factor Causes for Abortion & Their Management

By: Muna Ahmed Ibrahim

Abortion is a current and famous situation which affects the society, an enormous number of our community have had abortion due to the increase of other diseases that can cause abortion. We should create a strategy for reducing the increasing effect of abortion in Somaliland and the best way to face the increase of abortion in Somaliland is to promote the health of the nation. Abortion can cause health problems for women even despite the fact that the level of medical services may be very high. The danger increases if abortion is illegal, in such a case there are no guarantees for a woman that the operation would be run successfully and medical personal will be responsible for the result in such degree as it is normally done when abortion is legal. Abortion may cause problems with families which are part of the society. The fact there is extremely important for a woman to have a supportive atmosphere from the part of the closest relatives, namely husband and parents Continue reading “Factor Causes for Abortion & Their Management”

The Role of Telecommunications in State-building

By: Mustafe Adam Muse

The telecom industry has become a key global element in economic development of many countries in the world. Since the last decades, many unprecedented innovations in the field of communication have been taking place across the world of which the most striking and most celebrated has been the aspect of mobile technology. Fortunately, Somaliland is among the countries that have been attending and benefiting from the advancement in the telecommunications sector. This research explores the role of telecommunications in state building process. In particular, this case will revolve around the impact of Telesom, a privately owned and operated Company, on state-building in Somaliland. Continue reading “The Role of Telecommunications in State-building”