Month: May 2017

It’s high time to recognize Somaliland

By Mikael Torstensson, a Guest Editorial of Swedish Varlden Idag

Yesterday, May 18, one of the world’s miracle celebrations celebrated its national day and thus 26 years of unbroken peace and democratic development.

In one of the world’s most vulnerable areas – characterized by dictatorships, war and terrorism – the republic of Somaliland on the Horn of Africa is a brilliant exception. The country has developed into the region’s only functioning democracy, with constant in-depth work for human rights and gender equality. The country fulfills all criteria for full recognition, as the independent country it is. Now it is time for the outside world to take a stand for continued democratic development in the Horn of Africa by giving the Somali people the right to their place among the nations of the world. Continue reading “It’s high time to recognize Somaliland”

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